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When performing for children, the KEY to success are tricks that hold the attention of the kids - while inspiring the kind of dramatic audience reactions parents love to see.

And Jay's 'WANDERFUL' delivers both!

You introduce 3 different lengths of silky, black nylon cord with white tips. And you tell a story about three magicians, and how each of them is convinced THEIR magic wand is the best.

After having the kids pull, yank and twist all 3 cords...

...you impossibly s-t-r-e-t-c-h the 3 different sized wands until they are the exact same length!

Then you VISUALLY FUSE all 3 cords into ONE creating the world's longest magic wand!

No magnets or clips! 

And after the insane fusion you can immediately toss out the cord into the audience to be closely examined! 

It's a great story with an unforgettable ending and guaranteed BIG reactions.

Comes complete with detailed instructional video, and the special silky black, double-braided nylon cord.

And as an awesome FREE bonus Jay also includes a 30-minute 'How To Entertain Kids' crash course! You'll learn the secrets to:

*Dealing with Parents
*Managing High Energy Kids
*Scripting Magic for Younger Audiences
*Powerful Opening Tricks
*Inspiring Respect from Children
*and a lot more!

PLUS you'll learn an original collection of funny 'sight gags' you can use with the cords DURING YOUR ENTIRE SHOW.

NOTE: This new and improved 'WANDERFUL' includes a slightly thinner cord than when Jay originally released the trick - and it's even easier to handle! 


"What a fantastic twist on the classic Professor's Nightmare trick!"-Rich Elders

"Brilliant presentation. Takes it from 'just another rope trick' to a truly entertaining piece of magic."-Gerald Van Houte

"Perfect magic for audiences of all ages, and all sizes. Thanks so much."-Mike O'Brien