You borrow a credit card, driver's license or almost any other plastic card...

...and wrap the card in an examined paper napkin. Someone is even invited to tightly hold the corner of the wrapped card.

Then a pencil, pen, toothpick, nail or even a chopstick is slowly pushed through the credit card.

A moment later, the card is unwrapped and returned to the owner 100% unharmed!.

*ingenious gimmick works with credit cards, drivers licenses, gift cards, loyalty cards and more!

*Requires only basic sleight of hand.

*Instantly resets!

'Unharmed' includes a very cool gimmick, and full-length tutorial video!

"This sweet illusion is worth 10 times the price! Fantastic!"-Mike Runten

"So easy to use. And crazy clever! Four stars for sure."-Cal Chan

"This thing has lived in my wallet for over a year and I do it all the time. Leaves people speechless."-Jorge Rodriguez


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