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Jay created 'UNDENIABLE' to hit people's minds from three different psychological angles - with three unforgettable climaxes!

First you predict a selected card. Then you predict the color of an 'invisible magic marker.' And finally you predict a geometric shape.

And yes all three are 100% FREE CHOICES!

'UNDENIABLE' is great for close-up. But it features enough strong visuals and audience interaction to be a powerful addition to your stand-up shows as well.

*NO nail writers.
*NO impression gimmicks.
*NO palming or difficult sleight-of-hand.

It's actually SO EASY to do, it's going to become your new favorite mentalism trick!

Comes complete with envelope, special gimmicks and an extremely detailed 30-minute tutorial video revealing the inspired routine plus alternative handlings.  

Order yours NOW.

"Epic! Great effect. Looks like REAL magic."-Daniel Huckins
"OMG. So crazy!"-Dduckee
"It must be MAGIC."-Colby Gomes
"Oh man. I simply MUST have this."-DeeJee
"That's insane."-ZG Brickfilms
"But how? HOW? I'll be getting this for sure."-Adam Mac

"Hits people like a sledgehammer."-David Newcombe
"One of Jay's best mentalism tricks."-Andrew Ottaway
"Do yourself a favor. Order 'Undeniable' right now."-Hans Martin