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One breakthrough gimmick! FOUR outstanding tricks.

All of the tricks in this mind-blowing collection are EASY to do, because the innovative gimmick does most of the work for you!

The ingenious gimmick works with:

*paper money from around the world
*business cards
*card cases
*paper napkins
*and ANY brand of playing cards!

Many of the world's most powerful tricks require some kind of 'secret switch,' using a Double Lift, False Transfer, etc.

But with 'SWITCHLESS' you can finally perform an exciting variety of tricks - with NO switches!

Comes complete with the custom-machined gimmick + 45 MINUTE instructional video!

CHANGELING: A written prediction on a dollar bill TRANSFORMS in the spectator's hand! There's no switch of the bill - and it can be closely examined at the end.

MEMORY RELAPSE: While other people act as 'eye witnesses,' you cause someone to FORGET one of the shapes drawn on an envelope. One of the most
MIND-BENDING mentalism tricks ever!

TWICE RIGHT: A prediction written on a card case, impossibly changes to match two different selected cards! The case remains on the table from the very beginning, there's no switch - and the case can be CLOSELY EXAMINED.

SNOWSTORM: A drawing comes to life! The magician draws an old-time 'snow globe' on the back of a card. The card is even SIGNED. Then just by shaking the card, all the 'snow flakes' re-arrange themselves to reveal a selected card.

And the signed card can be handed-out as a SOUVENIR!

Available exclusively at SankeyMagic.com!

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"Switchless arrived today. What a smart, smart, SMART idea."-Kevin Dooley

"The reactions to Memory Relapse have been crazy. Sensational."-Gunther de Boord

"Holy cow! I had high expectations, but Switchless is even better than I thought it would be. It's truly incredible!"-Richard Frost

"Changeling is now one of my top 3 tricks. Can't thank you enough!"-Ed Brown