The special gimmick is ONLY AVAILABLE IN US QUARTERS.

"Finally, a logical reason to push a sharp object through a coin! You'll LOVE the practicality and ease of handling of this completely re-worked classic of magic."-Michael Likey

"I've been performing 'Swirl' in coffee shops and restaurants, either with a stir stick or a straw, and WOW, great reactions. And so crazy EASY to do. Love it!"-Shawn Bengal

"Swirl is one of the best tricks I've purchased in a long, long time. Super entertaining and very magical indeed."-Ross McClure

Impossible penetrations through a borrowed quarter ARE BACK! 

Perform this shocking trick with ANY borrowed US quarter! The coin can even be initialled.

Penetrate the coin with a nail, toothpick, stir stick, paper clip, straw, even a cocktail sword.

Ends with a killer souvenir!

Great for close-up AND stand-up show conditions.

SWIRL comes complete with the specially-machined gimmick, wallet, full-length instructional video, and 100 of the custom-printed 'hypnosis' labels.

[ You can purchase 'Refill' packs of 100 labels for just $9.95. Just look for the 'Swirl Refill Pack' product page on this website.] 

Treat your audiences to the amazing SWIRL experience!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The link to the exclusive instructional video will be emailed to you within 48 hours. (Please check your spam/ junk folder in case our email is 'stuck' there.)

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