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Learn the incredible secrets to 20 'unforgettable mysteries' - that don't look like traditional magic tricks!

Here are just some of the extraordinary tricks Jay reveals...

PIERCINGS: The tab from a borrowed can of soda or beer - melts inside the can 3 times in a row!

PARTY ANIMAL: An exceptional illusion for restaurant and bar magicians, with an unbeatable souvenir!

DERANGED: The perfect 'optical illusion' shocker to share at any Starbucks coffee shop!

CLIMBER: Cause a few drops of soda to slowly levitate UP the length of a plastic drinking straw!

INPOSSIBLE: A borrowed and MARKED coin appears inside a small container of honey or jam!

GLOBAL WARMING: Any bill the spectator thinks reduced to ashes!

STRING THEORY: Impossibly link a soda can and a loop of string TIED BY THE SPECTATOR. And everything can be examined!

AROUND THE BEND: An ordinary and ungimmicked paperclip visually BENDS - even when though you're not even touching it!

SPACED OUT: Mysteriously move the opening from the TOP of a can of soda or beer - to the SIDE of the can. You can even pour out the liquid!

"The Piercings soda can trick is just cruel. Brilliant thinking behind this one."-Tom Hawes

"I'm obsessed with tricks with drinking straws. I know about 20 different tricks with them but Climber is definitely the most magical. Looks like REAL magic."-Doug Downing  

"I performed Jay's incredible 'Spaced Out' trick with a can of Pepsi at school. The reactions from my friends was AMAZING!"-Marcus Wentz  

"I love love love Jay's trick Global Warming. Crazy sneaky!"-Tyler Burroughs

"Just got Surreal Magic in the mail. Wow. The tricks are superb. Jay does it AGAIN."-Gus Frante