(NOTE: At this time we only have the RED custom Bibycle brand decks in stock.)

Jay performed 'SPARKLE' and wowed the audience, when he appeared on the 'FOOL US' television show!

"Sparkle is amazing."-DJ Pandemik

 "I want this so badly."-Guy Richardson 

"This is the best effect Jay has ever released!"-Pepi Stamkov

"This looks way cool!"-Gary Jenkins

"The "WOW" factor is definitely there!"-Mike Likey

"A beautiful performance piece."-Michael Kras

"This is KILLER."-Paul Gleeson

The outrageous NEW trick that wowed the audience of 300 people during Jay's recent performance on Penn + Teller's 'FOOL US' - has arrived!

This reputation-making illusion, only requires BASIC sleight-of-hand. So it's perfect for experienced performers, as well as complete beginners.

It's also the ultimate ice-breaker. It resets in seconds. And is portable and powerful enough to perform close-up, stand-up, even on stage.

Comes complete with a full-length DVD and a very special pack of cards, custom-designed to last for years. And the gimmick works with ANY size of sparkler.

*No duplicate cards.

*No deck switch required.

*100% free choice (the spectator really can touch ANY card.)

*The selection can even be SIGNED!

And at the end of this breath-taking illusion, the BURNT pack of cards can be closely examined.

Select your choice of RED or BLUE Bicycle brand playing cards from the drop down menu below.

PLEASE NOTE: Sparkler not included. 

"This is crazy clever!"-Kurt Kelly

"Thanks Jay! I performed Sparkle for all my friends and family at a picnic and it killed!"-Sam Shaw 

"I just finished a New Year's Eve gig this past weekend and performed my regular routines but decided to add Sparkle as a cute holiday finish. I thought it would be "entertaining". I did some pretty strong magic that evening but the trick that brought the house down by far was Sparkle. People were stunned! Jay, thanks for creating and sharing this fabulous gem of a trick."-Bob Colby

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