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'Sound Waves' is a LETHAL combination of total freedom and absolute control! 

So EASY to do, you can focus 100% of your attention on convincing people you can really READ THEIR MIND!

Unlimited number of presentation possibilities! Astound people close-up, stand-up, even on stage!

Super portable! You'll carry it with you every where! 100% surefire. NEVER misses!

Absolutely NO 'fishing,' equivoque or prep work required.

No sleight-of-hand. Perfect for ALL skill levels.

Comes complete with instructional video and custom-designed list, printed on magazine quality paper.

"OMG. Soundwaves is even easier than I thought it would be. I love Jay's brain!"- Stephan Marquote

"To be able to do this once is awesome. To then do it again with a different song is INSANE."-Gordon O'Brien

"I know about 50 different mentalism tricks. Sound Waves is definitely in my TOP 5. Truly fantastic." - Luiz Caramas