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"I'm so glad I ordered this. People love it!"-Jerry Taymor

"Performed Second Sight at a party last night. HUGE reactions."-Andrew Preel

Tattoos are more popular than ever, so the moment you introduce the cards -everybody is instantly engaged.

The spectator gives the cards a REAL shuffle and has 100% free choice of
any of the cards.

There's also NO switch of the envelope and NO switch of the prediction!

*Easy to perform!
*Never misses!
*Wonderfully self-contained!
*Everything can be closely examined!

This mind-bending psychic trick comes complete with the wallet, the envelope and the complete set of custom-designed 'tattoo cards,' printed on extra heavy stock to last for countless performances!

PLUS on the 45-minute tutorial Jay reveals the secrets to an exciting variety of predictions and revelations, including an incredible DOUBLE PREDICTION handling.

Only at!

"I ordered Second Sight ten seconds after I watched the preview. Awesome!"-Shawn Meyers

"All my friends have tattoos, so this is PERFECT for me."-
Craig Bottley

"I can't wait for this to arrive."
-Gary Van Rousen

"It's so freaking theatrical. I'm going to close so many shows with this!"-
John Weston