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With this super VISUAL card trick, you'll be able to create the ultimate magic souvenir - one eye-popping phase at a time!

Comes complete with instructional video and 100 of the specially-printed, die-cut labels (including all FOUR suits.)

Easy to perform!

Specially-printed labels designed to work with MOST BRANDS of playing cards!  

Use the labels to make...

*Twos look like Threes
*Fours look like Fives
*Sixes look like Sevens
*Sevens look like Eights

"I've performed literally hundreds of card tricks. But 'Reconstruction' is my new absolute FAVORITE."-Henry Kelso

"Card changes are strong, but with this trick people actually WATCH me take the card apart. It's real magic."-Craig Worster

"Holy sh*t! The reactions I get with this trick are unbelievable!!!"-Paul Florence

"If I could only perform one card trick, I would have to choose 'Reconstruction.' It's crazy good."-Reece Moore