'RECONSTRUCTION' bends the reality of your audience!

Create the ultimate close-up magic souvenir, one eye-popping phase at a time!

Includes full-length instructional video + 100 specially-printed, die-cut index labels (including all 4 suits.)

These labels are designed to be the perfect size and color to match most popular brands of playing cards.

The labels work with many cards in a deck and can be used to make:

*Twos look like Threes
*Fours look like Fives
*Sixes look like Sevens
*Sevens look like Eights

'RECONSTRUCTION' is also easy to do!

And ends with an amazing souvenir every time!


"One of my favorite ways to perform this trick is to wave the face of the signed card over the flame from a cigarette lighter. It creates a dramatic smoke stain on the face of the card. And then when I peel off the custom leaves an unforgettable silhouette of the pip - in the middle of the smoke stain! BIG reactions every time."


"I've performed literally hundreds of card tricks. But 'Reconstruction' is my new absolute FAVORITE."-Henry Kelso

"Card changes are strong, but with this trick people actually WATCH me take the card apart. It's real magic."-Craig Worster

"Holy sh*t! The reactions I get with this trick are unbelievable!!!"-Paul Florence

"If I could only perform one card trick, I would have to choose 'Reconstruction.' It's crazy good."-Reece Moore

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