"Paperclipped is a rare primordial piece of beauty that reflects the very essence of astonishment."-PAUL HARRIS

Jay's 'PAPERCLIPPED:SPECIAL EDITION' project is almost 3 HOURS in length and is reg $30. But right now you can SAVE 40% and order yours for just $17.95!

And you'll also receive these 3 exciting bonuses...

FREE BONUS #1: The complete details on Jay's powerful NEW 'PERFECT MATCH' version! The new levels of misdirection, make the mind-blowing final climax more shocking than ever before!

FREE BONUS #2: The specially-machined 'GRAND OPENING' gimmick adds a jaw-dropping VISUAL moment to the classic 'PAPERCLIPPED' handling! To watch the 'GRAND OPENING' preview click here!

FREE BONUS #3: The 'SHUT YOUR MOUTH' video tutorial. You'll learn how to have a freely selected + signed card appear inside your mouth - even though your mouth is TAPED SHUT. Jay has performed this extremely dramatic trick for audiences of 100 people and more. It. Plays. BIG!

Order this extra special PACK today and receive the exciting 'PAPERCLIPPED:SPECIAL EDITION' dvd + all 3 bonuses  - for JUST $17.95!


Paperclipped' is performed by professional magicians around the world, including Joshua Jay, Danny Garcia, Keith Barry, Richard Sanders, Nathan Kranzo and many more!

Jay shares the amazing secrets behind his original 'Paperclipped' handling PLUS...

SHROUD: The signed card is discovered folded, paperclipped and WRAPPED IN MASKING TAPE!

PAPERCLIPPED PREMONITION: The completely impromptu handling! You fold the prediction in front of the audience, fry them with the classic PC routine, and then astound them with a BRAND NEW BONUS CLIMAX!

FULL LOTUS: Paperclipped as a mind-bending transposition!

CLOSING TIME: Jay's killer "nest of boxes" paperclipped handling!

GIFTED: Paperclipped meets hardcore mentalism! The spectator's date of birth appears on the face of the folded card they've been holding from the very beginning!

And as a SPECIAL ADDED BONUS Jay has included 2 incredible "switchless versions" plus 5 handlings of the folded prediction MAGICALLY APPEARING in the paperclip.

Jay even teaches you the two card routines he ALWAYS performs as a lead-up to Paperclipped!


*The psychology and misdirection behind the all-important key lines of script with the classic PC handling.

*How to trouble-shoot your own Mercury Card Fold.

*The keys to success when performing PC in a variety of settings including on stage for hundreds of people, at a children's party, close-up (with and without a table) and even when you are completely surrounded!

*A one-handed version of the Mercury Card Fold (complete with the ideal misdirection!)

Much more than just an inspired analysis of a modern classic of card magic, PAPERCLIPPED:SPECIAL EDITION is a fascinating discussion of the art of sleight-of-hand in general including...

*Managing spheres of audience focus, suspicious spectators and spectators who "burn" your hands.

*Making the most of each "magic moment."

*Switching without thinking and sleight-of-hand without tension.

*Developing both a macro and micro perpective when practicing.

*Framing the audience's interpretation.

*The philosophy of practice Jay calls "focusing and forgetting."

SAVE 40% and order this special 'PAPERCLIPPED' pack today for just $17.95!

Run Time: 2hr 55min

Category: 3

Type: Magic Gimmicks and DVDS

Vendor: Sankey Magic

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