"These cards are awesome! I was a little worried when I first handled them, because I am used to Bicycles, but after I got them broken in they handle like a dream. I really like the thicker card stock. All of the built in features are perfect for us magicians."-Cameron McNeal

"I just got my Tattoo Decks. I was very impressed by the quality and diversity. I marked one, heirloomed one, and ordered two more!"-Lenny Smith 

"Tattoo decks just arrived. They're magnificent. Love them. So cool. Great job."-Eddy Frigeri

"I'm in love with the double-sided case. Fantastic, Jay! I bought four!"-Jason Copeland

"Amazing! Brilliant!"-Thom Parkin

"Fantastic deck Jay."-Andrew Gmerek

"Wow, what an awesome deck."-Bobby Morris

"That is an amazing deck. You're the best Jay!!!"-Justin Gabriel Recto

"Well done Jay. Beautiful deck."-Ian Scott


The wait is over! After more than 2 years in development, Jay's extremely original 'TATTOOS DECK' is here!

This ingenious new custom deck features:

*Specially-printed custom case for 'secret switches!'
*Startling 'reveals' of two selected cards!
*Back design allowing you to 'mark' the entire pack in LESS than 10 minutes!

*Plus a 50-minute BONUS TUTORIAL including:

*Breaking-In a Deck
*One-Way Principle Tricks
*Double-Sided Switch Case Technqiues
*Two Powerful 'Reveals'
*'Marking' the Deck
*Illogical Cut
*The Hop Spread
*Butterfly Cut
*Erdnase/Houdini Change
*Second Deal Change
*Rubaway Vanish


*Order one deck for $9.95

*Or order TWO for just $14.95! (To order 2 decks, be sure to click on the drop-down menu at the bottom, below the word 'Quantity.')


When you order two of these ingenious decks, Jay will personally autograph an extra card. (The signed cards are chosen at random.)  

To make sure Jay autographs the card to YOU, just click the 'ADD TO CART' button. Then during check-out, type the name you want into the 'Special Instructions' section. (If you leave the special instructions blank, Jay will sign the card to the first name of the person of the 'ship to' address.)

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