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'MIRROR IMAGE' is VERY easy to perform, and involves an insane series of card changes!

And it includes a very special packet of poker-sized, custom-printed 'Chinese character' cards + a 20-minute tutorial video. (**Plus a couple of bonus replacement cards, just in case you ever need them!) 

*Very EASY to do!

*Super Portable!

*And the Chinese character cards can 'mean' ANYTHING YOU WANT!

On the tutorial Jay even shows you how you can present this brain-bending trick to reveal the name of ANY selected card, 'thought of' word, and much more!

"I love the concept of performing card magic with a pack of cards that aren't standard playing cards. It enhances your other performances. With these cards, there are unlimited opportunities for creating your own presentation. This is a great effect!"-TJ Hornady

"The Chinese images add so much visually to this beautiful trick."-Alister Cade

"Such an amazing card trick!"-Linus Myrold