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Learn the secrets to 40 magic and mentalism tricks with playing cards, coins, photographs, spoons, drinking straws, envelopes, ping pong balls, paper bags, keys and MORE.

This incredible 'lecture pack' includes:

*Extraordinary Magic (Download + DVD) - $35 Value!
*Sleight-of-Hand Secrets with Cards (Download + DVD) - $35 Value!
*Holy Moly (Gimmicks + Full-Length Tutorial) - $20 Value!
*Nailed (Gimmicks + Full-Length Tutorial) - $20 Value!
*Reunion (Gimmicks + Full-Length Tutorial) - $15 Value

Altogether, the custom gimmicks, downloads, companion DVDs and exclusive tutorials are a TOTAL $125.00 value

ALL FOR ONLY $39.95!

You SAVE an incredible $85.00!

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