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"Kaleidoscope is evidence that Sankey is pushing his work further than ever before. You'll see new plots, a wealth of non-card material, and several extremely clever card tricks. I watched the whole thing with delight."- JOSHUA JAY

'KALEIDOSCOPE' is a mind-boggling collection of ingenious sleight-of-hand stunners with pencils, cocktail swords, matchbooks, ice, borrowed bills, playing cards, sugar packets, keys, wooden matches, coins, sandwich bags, drinking straws and more!

Featuring stunning new routines for close-up, walk-around and stand-up repertoires.

Plus an incredible collection of BONUS FEATURES including:

*Alternative handlings

*Bonus tricks

*Multiple performances and more!


*TRANSFORM a photograph of a quarter into a real quarter!

*Cause a selected card to disappear and then reappear TRAPPED in a block of ice!

*Stab a pencil through the middle of a sugar packet and HEAL the packet!

*Vanish a borrowed bill and have it APPEAR inside a paper-wrapped drinking straw!

*STEAL all the matches from a match book held in a spectator's hand!

*Visually PENETRATE any coin with any pen or pencil without any switches! (Read that again.)

*Slam an ice cube through the bottom of a plastic water bottle and hand out the bottle for close examination - with the cube STILL INSIDE!


This is sleight-of-hand magic that LOOKS LIKE REAL MAGIC.

All accomplished with Jay's signature 'real world' practical methods you will really use!

Experience the detail and depth of instruction Jay is famous for, including insights into performing conditions, audience psychology, spectator management, and so much more!

"Kaleidoscope is jelly-packed with fresh new PRACTICAL material that ROCKS!!! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!"- DANIEL GARCIA

“I love Sankey's 'REMAINDER FORCE!' It's an exciting principle with many diverse applications that apply both to close-up magic and parlor magic."- WAYNE HOUCHIN