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Includes Jay's best-selling 2-HOUR DVD ($25 value) + top quality Bicycle brand 'Invisible Deck' ($10 value.)

All for JUST $19.95!

Magicians around the world agree. When it comes to really understanding the true power of this brilliant deck of cards, Jay's 'INVISIBLE' DVD is the ultimate learning resource.

Learn Eddie Field's classic presentation, Dr. Jak's five card handling, and Sam Swartz' "Flight Time!"

PLUS Jay's own mind-blowing effects and inspired presentations including:

*The Spectator Predicts

*Special Delivery

*Lucky 13


*Name This Card



Jay also traces the history of the Invisible Deck (originally created by Joe Berg and called the "Ultra Mental Deck") and psychologically examines the all-important SELECTION PROCESS in amazing detail!!


*Shuffle the gimmicked deck

*Psychologically undercut the "you just turned it over" response

*Use the deck as the "ultimate out"

*Perform the effect for small and large audiences

*Incorporate your business card into the shocking effect

*Repeat the effect for the same group of people

*'Shift the power' from you to your audience

And ADD VISUAL DRAMA to the effect with envelopes, a sheet of newspaper, folded dollar bills, holiday wrapping paper, and even a short length of rope!

Jay also shares his favorite UNGIMMICKED handlings and teaches Ken Krenzel's "Automatic Reverse" as well as Paul Le Paul's "Center Reverse."

You'll even learn Jay's favorite ways to make the deck MAGICALLY APPEAR!!

"Jay's DVD blew my mind. So many powerful tricks and ideas."-Ryan Kwillen

"I bought my first Invisible Deck more than 10 years ago. But Jay's DVD showed me how much I really DIDN'T know. Fantastic."-Sam Proctor

"Worth ten times the amount Jay charges for the DVD. Real gold."-Prel Henes 

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