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This reputation-making trick works with borrowed coins, finger rings, keys, and even earrings. 

And everything can be CLOSELY examined!

The perfect way to END your next performance - with a real showstopper.

No difficult sleight-of-hand!

Comes complete with everything you need, including baggie, cloth sack, matchbox, rubber bands, full-length tutorial, and the mind-blowing gimmick (that does most of the 'secret work.')

Plus extremely detailed, 50-minute tutorial video!

Order yours TODAY.

"Inside Job is my absolute favorite way to close my shows."-Richard Deloitte

"You can't beat the theatrical build on this amazing trick."-Henry Taylor

"Using a bag, card case and matchbox is just so organic. Much better than the traditional 'nest of boxes' tricks."-Stephen Grant

"I've performed Inside Job with borrowed coins, rings, even signed slips of paper. It always kills."-Ed Crewes

"I've never had people respond to a trick like they do with Inside Job. Can't thank you enough." -Michael Leeson

"Jay's version of the gimmick really does make it easier to use. And doing the trick with an earring makes it so personal and powerful."-Kyle Dottingham

"I love Jay's 'Inside Job' trick. Super dramatic. Big reactions guaranteed every time."-Alex Dawes