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"These slips handle like butter! Unbelievably slick and super easy to handle."-Ian Douglas

Each of the specially-printed designs, are printed on DuPont's revolutionary Tyvek material guaranteed to last for countless performances.

And the supple, silky-smooth material, makes the marvelous '$100 Bill Switch' SO much smoother and EASIER to do!

NOTE: This product does NOT include a tutorial video or one of our high-quality Vernet brand thumb tips.

To watch the exciting preview for Jay's popular 'Hundred Dollar Miracles' project click HERE.

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"When people see the images of all those tiny cards morph into their own selection I often get screams."-Henry Klein

"I really admire Jay's thinking behind bending the drawing of the spoon. It's a total jaw-dropper."-Shawn MacDonald

"These really are indestructible. I've been using the same set for over a year and they still look great."-Jim Olivers