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Imagine you borrow a coin and have it initialed with a marker.

You also hand out a plastic drinking straw to be examined.

Then, you impossibly insert the coin INSIDE the straw - and even drag the coin down the entire length of the straw!

And the spectator's initials can be seen through the plastic of the straw the entire time.

Best of all, everything can be handed out and closely examined.

*Ingenious gimmick works with coins FROM AROUND THE WORLD including quarters, dimes, nickles and coins from around the world

*Only basic sleight-of-hand!

*Instantly repeats!

*Straws are everywhere!

Comes complete with specially-machined gimmick and full-length tutorial video.

"Two minutes after I opened the DVD case I tried Imprisoned for my family and BLEW THEM AWAY."-Kerry Pelles

"This just looks SO REAL. Awesome!"-Wes Tyler

"I perform a bunch of tricks in bars and Imprisoned is definitely one of the most powerful."-Roger Lerange

"One of Jay's best effects designed for the working magician as well as the hobbyist."-Paul Romhany, Vanish Magazine