FIVE CARD STUN is one of the most VISUAL revelations of a selected card in the world!

Amazes people close-up and stand-up.

Includes instructional video and specially printed gimmick (without any back design, so it will work with most standard poker decks.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The link to the exclusive instructional video will be emailed to you within 48 hours. (Please check your spam/ junk folder in case our email is 'stuck' there.)

"5 card stun arrived in the mail yesterday and I got great reactions with it at school today."-Rich Wilde

"I've added Jay's Five Card Stun trick to my kid show. Every time the card grows a bit bigger, I act like it's a mistake. HUGE laughs."-Shane Clarkson

"Jay wasn't kidding. This routine builds very well and people love it."-Thomas Smith

 "I performed '5 Card Stun' at a recent office party. It totally KILLED."- Stephen Burton

"After practicing '5 Card Stun' for less than an hour I was able to freak out my friends. Awesome reactions."-Grant Maulton

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