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"The routines on this project are some of the most brilliant Jay has ever created."-Matt Donaldson

Learn the amazing secrets behind 16 mind-bending tricks with clock faces,  photographs, playing cards, billets, business cards, coins, pay envelopes, locks, keys, and more! 

Here are just SOME of the mind-blowing tricks you'll learn...

PERFECT TIMING: Predict a freely selected time of day - down to the minute!

LOTTERY: You'll always know the identity of five freely chosen cards - and their exact order!

A VERY GOOD YEAR: An incredible coincidence with two just coins.

IMPULSE CONTROL: Prove your ability to control the choices of other people using an ordinary deck of cards.

PROJECTION: Discover the power of engaging anyone's "projective imagination!"

ECHO: Create a "mental echo" between yourself and a spectator!

UNDECLARED INCOME: Learn the secret to divining the exact total amount of a handful of borrowed change!

COLOR BLIND: From many different colors, a spectator finds her own favorite color!

TRUE BELIEVER: A "true believer" selects the one key that unlocks a lock!

FACSIMILE: 'Sense' every detail of a borrowed business card!

SPEECHLESS: This trick alone, is worth the price of the project Gain the secret knowledge required to predict any object the spectator thinks of!

"Boris Pocus teaches some FANTASTIC mentalism!"- Doug Rogers 

"This is without a doubt the funniest project in all of magic. And I perform four of the powerful tricks ALL the time." -Shawn Garle

"The routines on this project are some of the most brilliant Jay has ever created."-Matt Donaldson

"Do NOT order this mentalism collection! (The mentalism tricks are so good, I want them all to myself.)"-Alan Neals

"This is my all-time favorite project from Jay. The tricks are SO strong, and Boris is truly hilarious!"-Mike Reagan    

"Speechless is insane. The trick gets screams."-Ron Gleason

"Extremely Mental features a whole bunch of 'one sleight wonders.' Mind-blowing project."-Fred King

"I carry Color Blind with me everywhere. I'm kinda obsessed with it. Epic reactions."-Jacob Farley

"Boris is a brilliant mentalist. This stuff is very strong."-Alex Ferguson

"This is Jay's funniest project. I LMAO every time I watch it."-Tom Sims

"I can't believe how easy the tricks are. Four stars!"-Lars Nelson