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Includes a luxurious 5-foot length of the same cord included with Jay's popular 'DEVIL'S TAIL' project! 

You'll love how this cord feels in your hands. Thanks to the weight, size and smoothness of the cord, you'll learn all the secret 'DEVIL'TS TAIL' techniques faster - and they'll even be easier to perform!

Cut the special cord to the length that works for you, remove the white core material, and then just 'seal' the ends with a flame from a lighter or candle.

Wear it on your wrist, the belt loop of your pants, even around your neck, or just have it tucked into your pocket always ready to astound people with SUPER VISUAL magic that's also 100% EXAMINABLE.

To watch the official 'DEVIL'S TAIL' preview and order the complete set CLICK HERE.

NOTE: This product does not include the 'DEVIL'S TAIL' instructional DVD or specially- machined ring.  

"Definitely takes the classic ring and rope effect to a killer new level."-Matt Knowles

"This is magic dynamite. I perform it all the time. Thanks Jay."-Joe Christian

"Great range of ideas and techniques, from basic to advanced. And the props are top notch."-Harry Meeks