On his best-selling 'BULLETPROOF' DVD (originally called 'Sankey's Best Street Magic') Jay shares the secrets to 20 of his most powerful street magic tricks!   

This is some of Jay's most flexible, jaw-dropping, 'in-the-hands' stuff ever! No table required, and minimal set-ups. The focus is on lethal, direct, 'hit 'em between-the-eyes' shockers!

Here are just SOME of the amazing tricks Jay reveals: 

TWO KINDS: Mind-bending handling for a double prediction. And the clever presentation does most of the work!

IDENTIFYING FEATURES: A very fresh transposition with two dollar bills!

SOLO: A shocking card trick with ONLY ONE CARD!

POSH: A marked coin travels to the magician's pocket twice- under test conditions.

BURDEN OF PROOF: A twist tie melts onto a finger ring and can only be removed by the spectator!

PROXIMITY: Jay created this 'lost Gem' many years ago and has used it in his impromptu work ever since!

IN A PINCH: One of the most VISUAL 2 coin transposition tricks you'll ever see!

BODYGUARDS: Jay's mean + lean variation on Alex Elmsley's surreal 'Between Your Palms' plot!

VITAL SIGNS: The shocking magic happens with paper matches held in the spectator's own hand!

HYPNOVANISH: Learn how to make a borrowed coin vanish and appear, anytime, anywhere! You can do it in the NUDE and still show your hands completely empty!

Running Time: 1hr 53min

"The production and editing is top notch, and Sankey’s crediting is thorough. Sankey’s Best Street Magic certainly provides bang for the buck. Highly recommended." -David Prouty, M-U-M Magazine 2/1/2009

"I really can't believe how many seriously GREAT tricks Jay teaches on this DVD!"-Greg Nelo

"Jay's my all-time favorite magic teacher. He shares details and insights that put him in a league of his own."-Carson Burroughs

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