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On the 'MIND-BENDING' DVD (originally 'Sankey's Best Mentalism') you'll learn the secrets to startling mentalism effects with playing cards, notepads, wristwatches, newspapers, paper bags and more.

Here are just SOME of the 20 incredible mentalism tricks on the OVER 2 HOURS in length DVD...

PAIN KILLER: A super theatrical prediction effect with a shattered watch and a paper clock face.

A VERY GOOD YEAR: A devious effect involving the date on a 100% freely borrowed coin.

WHAT IF: Jay's been freaking people out with this 2-phase notepad routine for over 20 years.

SIMULTANEOUS: This version of the classic 'Do as I Do' trick has even fooled expert magicians.

TRINITY: Very commercial psychic '3 card monte' trick with your name and the names of two spectators. Ideal for restaurant and bar work.

SIMPLY DIVINE: Impromptu card prediction effects don't get cleaner or more direct than this!

SOLITARY CONFINEMENT: One spectator correctly divines another spectator's 'thought of' card!

ON IMPULSE: This 4-card revelation makes for a killer closer to any mentalism show.

MIDNIGHT SPECIAL: Predict the hour someone was born! Super sneaky method!

SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION: Someone thinks of a card and it literally goes UP IN FLAMES!

HIDE, KEEP + GIVE AWAY: A wonderfully realized presentation 'meets' a truly practical handling!


"The Mind-Bending dvd is incredible. So many legendary mentalism tricks!"-Brent Dean

"I showed some friends 'Shape of Things To Come' the other night. They have never and I mean NEVER reacted to any of my other tricks like that. It was over the top. They're still talking about it."-Jan De Voors 

"Jay's mentalism is so visual, theatrical and modern."-Shawn McDonald

"On Impulse' is my new #1 trick. People absolutely love it."-Miko Chin

"Hide, Keep and Give Away is Jay at his best. The psychology is just brilliant. Floors people every time I do it."-Terrance King 

"I've been getting crazy responses to Midnight Hour."-Ed Quills

"Trinity is the perfect ice breaker."-Ian Stauton

"Thanks for sharing the real work on mentalism with your Mind-Bending collection. All I can say is: Wow!'-Julius Granger 

Run Time: 145 minutes