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"This is so gooood! So many applications!"-Alex Pandrea

"Gold!!!"-Adam Wilber

"Such a powerful tool!"-Ben Train

With this DEVIOUS gimmick, you'll be able to read minds, predict the future and MUCH more.

And it's SO EASY TO USE!

Perform 'mental miracles' with notepads, store receipts, magazines, file cards, take-out restaurant menus, dollar bills, books, envelopes - and even BORROWED ITEMS.

People can closely examine the clip and they'll NEVER discover the amazing secret!

Perform SLYDER to amaze people close-up, stand-up, and even on stage.

SLYDER comes complete with TWO of the specially-machined, custom-design paperclips + 45 minute tutorial video.

Just SOME of the mind-bending mentalism tricks you'll be able to do...

DIGITAL: Predict the freely chosen serial number on a BORROWED dollar bill!

JUST ONE CARD: An insane card trick prediction using ONLY ONE CARD!

SHOPPING DAY: Predict a 'grocery item' from a looooooong list!

FAMOUS FACES: 'Mentally control' someone to select a celebrity!

EXACT TOTAL: Someone chooses an item from a long store receipt, and then opens the envelope to find the exact same dollars and cents!

TELEPORTABLE: A super portable mind-reading demonstration involving just ONE PAGE from an ordinary magazine.

WORLD'S BEST BOOK TEST: Featuring a 100% free choice of any page in an ungimmicked and unprepared book, PLUS a 100% free choice of any word on that same page. Absolutely INEXPLICABLE (and again, soooo easy!)

"I never knew a paperclip could be so deceptive. Freaking awesome."-Beau Cremer

"This looks incredible!"-Royal Flush

"SLYDER is so good that I'm surprised you didn't keep it for yourself!"-Damian the Magician

"You've done it again Sankey!"-Adam Mac

"I've never been so excited over a prop!! This gimmick rocks."-Lucas O'Dell

"Jay really outdid himself on this one, the possibilities are endless."
-John Byng

"Jay wasn't kidding about how easy it is to use. Fantastic."-Quintin Reynolds

"I've been getting killer reactions with Slyder. Thanks for the outstanding trick."-Justin Wong

"Slyder is one of the most versatile gimmicks EVER."-Calvin Donovan

"Absolute genius man."-RazorTank