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Jay's 2-hour 'EXTRAORDINARY' project features an exceptional collection of 20 'next level' tricks with ordinary objects.

And  the tricks are so crazy clever NONE of them require ANY special props or gimmicks!

Some of the amazing tricks featured on the 'EXTRAORDINARY' DVD...

IN VITRO: The impression from a borrowed key travels from one piece of Silly Putty to another! VERY magical!

ALCHEMY SELTZER: Swallow and restore an initialled Alka-Seltzer tablet! The perfect restaurant trick!

TYING THE KNOT: A borrowed finger ring and dollar bill penetrate each other, not once but TWICE! The visuals will knock you out!

DIRECTOR'S CUT: A self-working mentalist's wet dream! This easily plays for an audience of 25 people!

STIRRING SILVER: One of Jay's all-time 'go to' illusions. A completely impromptu miracle with a borrowed spoon and finger ring!

CIRCUMFERENCE: A round piece of paper transforms into a ping pong ball. And then a moment later BACK into an ordinary piece of paper!

20TH CENTURY FOX: A beautifully structured torn and restored routine with 3 paper raffle tickets!

BENDER: If you've ever wanted to be able to do a completely UNDETECTABLE spoon bend - this is it!!

SENSATIONS: A two-key transpo that almost works by itself!

HEAT OF THE MOMENT: A lovely piece of impromptu magic with a rubber band and a pen or pencil. Perfect for school or work!

GOLDEN TREASURE: A marked coin appears inside an egg (and it really is INSIDE the egg!)

"The 20 tricks Jay reveals on 'Extraordinary' are so fantastic!"-Gary DeSalles

"Golden Treasure is the best freakin' coin trick I've ever seen!"-Harry Westford

"Truly incredible collection!"-Pat Fortier

"I really love Jay's '20th Century Fox' trick. The torn and restored handling is so clean and the presentation just makes SO MUCH SENSE."-Del Chambers 

"Out of all of Jay's magic collections, Extraordinary is one of his very best."-Shane Candice

"Bender is the best spoon bending technique EVER."-Chuck Smith

"My friends freaked out when I did 'Golden Treasure.'"-Syd Horowitz