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The ULTIMATE project for all 'serious Sankey fans' has arrived!

This marathon 4-hour project is an exceptional learning opportunity featuring:

*30 incredible tricks!
*PLUS 20 rare live performance videos!
*Including tricks Jay is revealing FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER.

Here are just SOME of the ingenious tricks you'll learn...

STATE OF THE UNION: After two signed cards rise to the top of the pack a few times - they magically FUSE together! Makes for an astounding souvenir.

ROLLING THUNDER: An especially commercial 'coins across' trick - using just two coins!

MOUNTEBANK ACES: The trick starts as a classic 3 card Monte routine - but finishes as an eye-popping four Ace production!

BOXING RING: Learn the secrets to making a selected card mysteriously appear rolled-up inside a finger ring!

EXTENDED CREDIT: After slowly bending a borrowed bank card inside an envelope, you suddenly SNAP IT IN HALF - and people hear the snap! But amazingly it remains unharmed!

TRANSIENT: An X drawn on a card, jumps onto the back of a borrowed coin. Then a moment later, it jumps back onto another card!

NO JACKET REQUIRED: One-by-one four coins vanish from your hands - and reappear in your four pants pockets!

HIT AND RUN: Now you can have a freely selected and SIGNED card appear inside a card case, without any of the usual palming or gimmicked cases.
(You're going to love the very FRESH secret method!)

STIRRING SILVER: Learn the secrets to the COMPLETE handling of Jay's legendary ring and spoon routine - one of the very best 'borrowed objects' tricks he's ever created!

STAPLED SANDWICH: A freely selected and signed card impossibly melts into the middle of two STAPLED cards! 

COLLECT ME NOT: An outrageous twist on Roy Walton's classic 'Collectors' card trick, featuring Jay's ground-breaking 'Revolution Count!' 

PLUS 20 RARE PERFORMANCE VIDEOS! To make this a true 'must have' project, Jay's also included complete clips from his:

*stand-comedy shows
*television appearances
*live performances
*and his original one-panel cartoons

This exciting project is jam-packed with magic and bonus material that you'll want to watch over and over again.

"I learned No Jacket Required, Transient and Stapled from the Sankey Experience and they're all outstanding tricks."-Warren Granger

"Extended Credit is my #1 trick with a borrowed item. It just looks like real magic."-Marcus Tinley

"I performed Boxing Ring a bunch of times this week and every single time people lose their minds."-Randy Greene

"I've got a big library of magic downloads, tricks, dvds you name it. But The Sankey Experience takes the cake. So many killer tricks and the bonus videos are amazing to watch."-Kyle Andrews

"The tricks are extremely good. But for me I absolutely loved watching Jay's archival videos and his evolution over more than 20 years in magic.
Truly mind-blowing."-Vince Wannamaker

"Thanks VERY much Jay. I learned an incredible amount from this new project."-Curtis O'Neil

"The balance of card and coin tricks is remarkable. Five stars all the way."-Justin Chang