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An absolutely INEXPLICABLE penetration effect!

'IMMORTAL' is an extremely mysterious trick, and yet it's very easy to do!

Add a touch of 'spooky theater' to your next magic performance with the Dracula card. can even perform the impossible penetration with a FREE SELECTED and SIGNED playing card!

Comes complete with steel nail, custom-printed Dracula cards and detailed tutorial video.

*Easy To Do

*Re-Sets in Seconds 

*Works with ANY card case


"Immortal is pure magic. It's so direct and clear it always leaves people amazed."-Nick Wish

"This trick is wonderfully theatrical. A real winner with both kids and adults."-Sam Delion

"I have seriously spooked people with Immortal."-Doug Browning

"It's one of those tricks you can perform quickly or add a rich story. Highest recommendation."-Ian Tenning

"The method is so subtle and clever!"-Andy Wright

"I was worried Immortal might require some advanced palming or something, but it's actually really easy to perform."-Hugh Dean

"I saw Jay perform Immortal at one of his wonderful lectures and he completely fooled everybody at the magic club."-Tyler Williams

"The method is perfect. Super practical and very deceptive."-Lloyd DeCamps

"Immortal is the most unique card trick in my repertoire. Thanks Jay!"-Gary Bellers