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"Sound Waves is terrific and beautifully produced."-Marc Salem, World Renowned Mentalist

Exciting news! We just updated the very special, custom-printed list to feature the 'Top 100 Songs of the DECADE!'

So it now the list includes some of the world's most recognizable and popular songs from...

Ed Sheeran
Lady Gaga
Jonas Brothers
Maroon 5
The Weeknd
Cardi B
Post Malone
Justin Bieber
Ariana Grande
Travis Scott
Billie Eillish
Shawn Mendez
Taylor Swift
And more!

'Sound Waves' is a LETHAL combination of total freedom and absolute control.

And it's so EASY to do - you can focus 100% of your attention on convincing people you can really READ THEIR MINDS!

Astound people close-up, stand-up, even on stage - with an unlimited number of presentation possibilities.

Super portable! You'll carry it with you every where! 100% surefire. NEVER misses.

Absolutely NO 'fishing,' equivoque or prep work required.

And NO sleight-of-hand is required - so it's perfect for ALL skill levels.

Comes complete with instructional video and custom-designed list, printed on high gloss, heavy-weight magazine quality paper.

Order this incredible mentalism trick TODAY!

"It's my secret weapon. I know I can always count on it to blow minds."-Wayne Gallagher

"Jay's completely right about people caring about the songs. Always pulls them in, hook, line and sinker."-Akio Gordon-Wang

"One of the best tricks I've purchased in a long, long time."-Doug Nelson

"I always repeat the trick for the same people. After that, they totally BELIEVE."-Alan Barker

"OMG. Soundwaves is even easier than I thought it would be. I love Jay's brain!"- Stephan Marquote

"Jay shares a fantastic variety of performance ideas on the tutorial. I've tried many of them, and they all inspire wonderful reactions."-Anthony D'Vasco

"To be able to do this once is awesome. To then do it again with a different song is INSANE."-Gordon O'Brien

"I know about 50 mentalism tricks. Sound Waves is definitely in my TOP 5. Truly fantastic." -Luiz Caramas

"This is as close to real mind-reading as it gets."-Shane McDonald

"When I found out the method, I was grinning for the rest of the day. So easy and so COOL."-Todd Hall

"Jay was right. I really do carry Sound Waves with me everywhere. Love it."-Julius Geist