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'Private Property' is an absolutely UNBEATABLE mentalism trick!

And yes - people really do have 100% free choice to think of ANY CARD.

And they really CAN change their minds!

Only when they're holding the card in their own hand, do you have them name the card they are thinking of FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME.

'Private Property' comes complete with a full-length tutorial and an ingenious gimmick designed for Bicycle brand playing cards.

But once you learn the very cool secret, you'll be able to adapt the principle to work with any brand of playing cards in world

And 'Private Property' doesn't just work with playing cards.

You can use the same awesome gimmick to gain secret knowledge of people's...

*phone numbers

*astrological signs

*middle names

*even their bank card pin numbers!

You're going to love astounding people with 'PRIVATE PROPERTY.'

"OMG. A fellow magician blew my mind with 'Private Property' and then when he showed me how it was done I was even MORE AMAZED!"- Gregory Vento

"The gimmick is crazy versatile. Love it!"- Stephen Chin

"I start my shows with this trick and after that, people totally believe I can read minds."-Leon Warrington

"I use Private Property to guess the color of the spectator's underwear. Epic responses every time."-Nic O'Reily

"When you look someone in the eye and tell them the name of their very first girlfriend - they look at you like you actually have supernatural powers."-Raj Najil

"Private Property is so f***ed-up. I honestly never know how people are going to react because it's so next level."-Simon Tabor