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The ingenious OMNILOPE design combines the powerful visual element of a clear switch bag with the angle-proof practicality of traditional switch bags.

Read minds! Predict events! Control choices!

No sleight-of-hand, no 'fishing,' and no questions asked.

It's also wonderfully EASY to use (because the envelope does all the work for you and automatically resets.)

Includes envelopes + a detailed instructional video.

Even better, OMNILOPE features a very ordinary-looking white paper envelope.

The combination of all those valuable qualities makes OMNILOPE an especially deceptive and marvelously versatile prop for both magicians and mentalists.


"I love how Omnilope looks exactly like an ordinary, everyday envelope."-Barry Danz

"I've actually convinced people I can read their freakin' minds with Omnilope."-Kelly Westerly

"There's no end to the effects you can perform with Jay's Omnilope system. One of the best gimmicks out there."-Michael De Santos

"Using it with fortune cookie messages is crazy commercial."-Paul Donovan

"Omnilope works as well for close-up shows as it does for stand-up and even stage. There are so many sweet possibilities with this gimmick."-Thomas Evers

"I use Omnilope for a few different tricks. Great stuff when it comes to mentalism."-Will Callow

"Omnilope was one of the very first magic gimmicks I ever used. It's THAT easy to use. And I still use to this day."-Greg Linton

"Perfect design. Because of the huge window, nobody ever suspects the envelope!"-Howard Issacs

"Genius. There's no other word for it."-Sean Acer