Featuring OVER 3 HOURS of outstanding "magic of the mind," 'HEMISPHERES' is an ingenious collection of 20 startling psychic effects, many of which Jay is sharing for the very first time.

This exciting DVD includes 'experiments and demonstrations' with business cards, coins, wrist watches, playing cards, fortune cookies, photographs, magazines, notepads, paper money, tarot cards, play-doh and even a doll's eye!

And thanks to Jay's philosophy of "mind over muscle," the majority of these truly startling routines require VERY LITTLE sleight-of-hand ability. Instead, the emphasis is on full presentations and nurturing a REAL connection with your audiences. Jay even includes an enormous amount of scripting right out of his own professional repertoire!

Jay also discusses the importance of making your mentalism as visual as possible, deflecting focus away from yourself, the relationship between simplicity and flexibility, the power of the implicit, and the performance of what Jay calls "meaningful mentalism."

Here are JUST A FEW of the 20 incredible routines:

NON-EXISTENT: The mentalist predicts the name of person nobody has ever met!

THIRD EYE: Three randomly selected cards are "seen" with a doll's eye!

DOLLARS + SENSE: From several different receipts, an audience member chooses the receipt matching the exact amount of money held in their own hand!

CONSTELLATION: With just two business cards and two markers the mentalist reveals an inexplicable connection between himself and a member of the audience.

RECEPTION: The psychic successfully "sends" a mental image of a glass of wine, right down to the exact level of the liquid!

"I've already started performing 5 of the tricks. Fantastic material! Well worth the price!"-Mark Shaw

"This stuff is so direct, dramatic and VISUAL. One of the best mentalsim dvds on the market, no question about it."-Tyler Dagas

"Nobody explains stuff as well as Jay. It was so easy to learn all of these heart-stopping tricks. Lots of stand-up routines too!"-Oliver Lars

Type: DVD

Vendor: Sankey Magic

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