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"From the moment I remove the 8 beautiful Tarot cards from the envelope, people are 100% engaged. And when I remove the only slip of paper from inside the envelope, and my prediction matches their 100% free choice, people really freak out."-Jay Sankey

The performer introduces 8 large Tarot cards, and says a few interesting words about the symbolism of each card. He also introduces a small envelope with a folded prediction inside.

A spectator is asked to choose one of the cards that seems to best reflect their personality. And when the folded prediction is removed from the envelope, it's found to be a perfect match!

*Spectator has 100% free choice of any of the 8 cards

*No switches or palming of any kind    

*Instantly resets

Comes complete with envelopes, 8 large, four-color Tarot cards, exclusive tutorial video, and the 'special something' that makes this super clever trick work every single time!

"When I absolutely want to blow someone's mind I can always count on Choice Effect. It's really very special."-Paul Houseman

"It's like something out of a dream. A truly PERFECT mentalism effect."-Randy Van Deen

"The Tarot cards are beautifully produced. Adds a touch of class to all my shows."-Charlie Duncan

"I'm VERY picky about which new tricks I add to my collection. And after I purchased Choice Effect and learned the amazing secrets it's a total keeper!"-Serge Moreau

"This is so unbelievably direct and impossible. GREAT trick."-Mike Douglas

"I couldn't believe people really had 100% free choice - but they DO! Genius method."-Wes Barber

"Choice Effect is the perfect closing trick. It's super theatrical, ridiculously easy to do, and never misses."-Jake Sallige