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'GRAND OPENING' features a specially-printed prop that makes it possible for you to add a NEW and visually stunning phase to your own performances of 'Paperclipped.'

This exciting new moment of magic happens just BEFORE you reveal the signed card, so the two impossible moments build beautifully on each other.

And the cool prop can be closely examined and is designed to replace the pre-folded card used in the original 'Paperclipped' trick. So you don't have to carry anything more than you already carry!

The 'GRAND OPENING' presentation provides powerful new misdirection, and makes it even less likely that people will 'get ahead of you' and guess the mind-blowing final climax with the signed card.

Comes complete with TWO of the specially-printed, extremely deceptive props (one red + one blue) PLUS a brand new, 55-minute tutorial video including the secrets to...

* The original 'Paperclipped' handling (including the Mercury Card Fold and Jay's ingenious 'Full View Switch.')

* Lou Johnson's 'Improved Mercury Fold'

* Jay's new 'Bone Prison' effect where the just-examined plastic gimmick transforms into the signed card IN THE SPECTATOR'S OWN HAND! 

* With 'Print On Demand' a folded and completely BLANK card visually 'prints' into the selected and signed card

* 'Shut My Mouth' handling Jay developed for his stand-up shows

* The 'Switchless' handling with a dollar bill where the switch happens by itself! No sleight-of-hand whatsoever.

Order this STUNNING trick today! 

"Just when I thought Paperclipped couldn't possibly be improved - Sankey does it again!"-Todd Banyon

"Grand Opening is so messed up. People freak out every time."-Arun Muguy

"There's no way I'm ever going back to the original version. Grand Opening is way too cool."-Alex Chinto

"'Print on Demand' is one of the strongest tricks I do."-Gus Wenterson