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The ground-breaking torn and restored routine that completely FOOLED Penn & Teller on their popular 'FOOL US' show (and Jay never even told them!

It REALLY LOOKS like Jay tears the cards and is even palming extra pieces.

And magicians all over the world were CERTAIN Jay 'dumped' the extra pieces behind his shirt collar.

But it was a 'con within a con!'

This mind-blowing trick requires NO extra pieces. Just the two signed cards.

Nothing else to secretly add or remove! 

On this extremely detailed 20-minute tutorial - Jay teaches every move and moment like never before.

Jay also 'pulls back the curtain' and shares his unique experience performing the trick for Penn and Teller, and his candid thoughts behind his original 'con within a con' approach.   

"All the hype around this trick is 100% true. It's a legendary handling."-Mike Harrods

"The tutorial is so detailed, it was a lot easier to learn than I expected."
-Cristo Wells

"Fooler is one of Jay's very best tricks. Every movement is so well thought-out."
-Daniel Islington

"It's the ultimate sleight-of-hand ballet."
-Oscar Chavez

"I love Fooler because I'm so far ahead of the audience every step of the way."
-Marty McDonald

"Jay has taken the entire torn and restored plot to the absolutely NEXT LEVEL."
-Kyle Fuentes

"Nobody can doubt that Fooler is the world's #1 most practical torn and restored method. It's that good."
-Donnie Benton

"I can't believe how practical and deceptive this truly is."-Chris Yann

"One of Sankey's greatest creations."-Markus Berger

"Unlike any other torn and restored effect in all of magic."-Jonathan Tulles

"Jay fooled us all! The method will make you gasp!"-Otto Van Durling

"100% pure genius!"-Sam Nicole