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The recent special promotion is now over. But you can still order both the Extremely Ambitious download AND the DVD for only $29.95.


It's the modern bible on the legendary 'Ambitious Card' trick!

Learn 20 lethal sleights and 26 fantastic tricks! 

The more than 2-hour 'EXTREMELY AMBITIOUS' project is an insane collection of handlings, techniques, and ideas, all created with an eye towards taking the classic 'Ambitious Card' effect to an exciting new level. 

This breakthrough project is divided into FOUR parts:

*Essential Sleights
*Shocking Openers
*Mind-Bending Middlers
*Jaw-Dropping Closers

In the 'Essential Sleights' section you'll learn ALL THE SLEIGHTS you need to know. As a result, the DVD is a complete and comprehensive mini-course in the 'Ambitious Card!' 

You'll learn the secrets to these lethal sleights: Double Lifts (3 different skill levels) Tilt, False Cuts, Top Change, Undercover Top Change, One Hand Turnover, Convincing Control, One Hand Top Palm, Distant Misdirection Palm, Tenkai Strip-Out, and more!

BONUS: FIVE PASSES! Learn invaluable tips on the cover techniques, the timing, and the all-important finer points for a total of FIVE amazing passes including: Sleeves Up Pass, Classic Pass, Turnover Pass, Spread Pass, and the Jiggle Pass

In the 'AMBITIOUS ANALYSIS' section Jay shares an in-depth exploration of why the Ambitious Card is so popular, as well as an important discussion of the challenges inherent in such a REPETITIVE effect. Jay discusses tempo, rhythm, variety and much more!


"I thought I knew a lot about Ambitious Card. Thanks SO much for proving me wrong Jay!"-John Chen

"The bonus material about all the different 'card passes' is pure gold!"-Stephen Burles

"I love love love the 'Card To Wallet' Jay reveals on Extremely Ambitious."-Rich Silver

"Just watched Jay's Ambitious Card project. Truly incredible!"-Tommy Heller

"'Rubber Room Rise' is ridiculous. This project is the last word on the subject. Love it."-Randy Moore

"Jay's tips on the Pass changed EVERYTHING for me."-Felix Douglas

"Sankey's 'Sleeves Up' sleight is an absolute thing of beauty. Brilliant fooler."-Johnny Ray Tartan

"I can't recommend Extremely Ambitious enough. You will NOT be disappointed."-Neil Tangers

"The Imposters routine is worth the price of the entire project. True showstopper."-Leo Williams

"I've been performing Ambitious Card for years but I feel like this project has taken my understanding to a fresh level."-Kyle De Jong

"Jay's work on the One Hand Top palm is the BEST there is."-Mort Whire

"Hammered Deception is INSANE. What a mind-blowing way to end any close-up magic show."-Rutger Morris