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Now you can learn the legendary '$100 Bill Switch' better and FASTER than ever before!

This amazing value magic pack includes:

*2-Hour Download
*30 Lethal Tricks
*Full-Length Companion DVD

$20 FREE GIFT! You'll also receive Jay's custom-designed 'Indestructible' collection of gimmicks, specially-printed on Tyvek - the world's most durable paper!

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You are going to LOVE learning this fantastic switch - better and faster than ever before!


"This killer project makes it so easy to learn the phenomenal bill switch, and the tricks are truly incredible. I can't say enough great things about 'Hundred Dollar Miracles."-Don Jackson    

On the 2-hour 'HUNDRED DOLLAR MIRACLES' project, Jay shares the secrets to 30 INCREDIBLE magic and mentalism tricks.

Jay has been creating original and exciting applications with Mike Kozlowski's bill switch for years.

And now in one amazing volume, Jay includes ALL his classic bill switch effects PLUS many other routines he's revealing for the very first time!

A mind-blowing collection of 30 incredible magic and mentalist effects for close-up, stand-up, walk around and even stage performers including restorations, vanishes, appearances, transformations, divinations, penetrations, transportations and more!


Jay teaches the switch from three different camera angles so learning the technique has never been easier. Jay also goes into great detail on important subjects such as preparing the billets, practicing the switch, and executing the switch in different performance settings.

Learn how to use the switch to...

*Bend spoons!

*Color illustrations from a children's book!

*Cause signatures to transpose!

*Push written words through the middle of a borrowed bill!

*Create wrinkles in drawing of a pair of pants!

*Tear and restore a borrowed and signed bill!

*Move a REAL hole into a bulls eye!

*Bring an image in a photograph to life!

*Cause an illustration of a flower to gain a scent!

*Find three selected cards!

*Burst the drawing of a balloon complete with sound effect!


NOTE: Thumb Tip not included. But Jay always uses a Vernet brand thumb tip, because it's considered my professional magicians around the world to be the very BEST quality thumb tip available.

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Jay's 'Indestructible Collection' is the perfect companion product with his 'Hundred Dollar Miracles' project. To watch the 'Indestructible' preview CLICK HERE.   

"I tried to learn the switch from two other magic teachers, but Jay made it SO easy to learn."-Don Murphy

"I've added five of Jay's tricks with the bill switch to my shows. Four stars. Outstanding!"-Stephen O'Connor

"Who else would be able to create so many strong effects using just the bill switch?"-Kyle Gardner

"The custom slips really ARE indestructible. Very cool indeed."-Chad Dong

"Dead Center is a great example of an astonishing trick with perfect motivation. Drawing a target on the bill is genius.
"-Matt Heller

"When I saw Jay use the switch for a spoon bend at a lecture, all the magicians couldn't stop smiling."
-Rod Barry

"Realization is a mind-bending version of the classic Princess Card trick. I perform it in all my shows."
-Kent Sinton