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'NAILED' is a two-card transposition unlike anything you have EVER seen before!

Back in stock - and BETTER THAN EVER! Now you can have the card in the photo change places with another card OR even a BORROWED BILL!

And everything can be closely examined: the photo, the clear plastic sleeve, and the card with the hole in it! 

There's NO SWITCH of the photo!

Comes complete with the very cool gimmicks + comprehensive 20-minute tutorial video.

PLUS exclusive NEW PDF featuring US, UK, EURO and CANADIAN dollar bills nailed to the table.

This insane effect takes the classic 'two card transposition' trick to an awesome new level.

*Easy to do!

*Resets in seconds.

*Perfect for all skill levels!

And you can perform this effect with almost ANY poker or bridge sized cards. Bicycle, Tally-Ho, Aviator, Bee, you name it! Whatever cards you like to perform with, the extremely clever gimmicks do all the work for you.

Add this reputation-maker to your own repertoire TODAY!

"A heart-stopping transposition!"-Mike Weston

"After watching the preview several times, I was pretty sure I knew what the gimmick was - but I was way WAY off! Fantastic trick."-Nick Boylen

"It's the king of card magic gimmicks!"-Carl Klein

"Nailed makes the hairs stand-up on the back of my neck when I see the reactions it gets."-Stephen Bates

"You would be hard-pressed to find a more powerful two-card transposition."-David Acer

"Nailed is awesome! Thanks for releasing it. There's a strange satisfaction being accused of being the devil."-Joe Westerberg

"Jay performed Nailed at a lecture last year and I just HAD to have one!"-Elliott Norris