KILLER KEY (US and UK Versions!)

KILLER KEY (US and UK Versions!)

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Now available in US Quarter and UK 10 Pence versions! [Choose the version you want from the drop-down menu beside 'Add To Cart' button.] 

One of Jay's all-time, most popular coin tricks is back and BETTER THAN EVER.

Each of the NEW streamlined gimmicks is hand-crafted by renowned magic maker Roy Kueppers!

With Killer Key, a coin and a key change places again and again, and every time it looks like REAL MAGIC.

Thanks to the astonishing gimmick, Killer Key is CRAZY EASY to do and requires VERY little practice.

PLUS - you can immediately hand-out the key and the coin to be closely examined.

You can even perform Killer Key with a borrowed and marked coin!

Jay even teaches you how you can have the key and the coin change places IN THE SPECTATOR'S OWN HAND.

This fantastic trick comes complete with the streamlined NEW gimmick + detailed 30-minute tutorial featuring NEW tricks and handlings.

Please Note: This product does NOT include a regular US quarter or UK 10 pence coin.

"An absolute winner!"-Dan Taylor

"Really easy to do, and GREAT reactions."-Clive Morrison

"I carry it with me everywhere!"-Andrew Westwood

"Killer Key hits really REALLY hard!"-Len Beckham

"I astound people by making the key and the coin change places inside a paper napkin TWICE. The gimmick is nothing short of incredible."-Shel Macdonald

"Amazing magic with real items for real people."-Chris Velling

"Killer Key is one of my most performed tricks because it looks absolutely insane. I've gotta admit, I also love how really REALLY easy it is to do."-John Blake

"It looks impossible, but it's so easy!"-Pete Turow