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To watch the official preview for Jay's sensational 'Wrap It Up' collection of chewing gum tricks CLICK HERE. 


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This fantastic magic pack includes:

*30 super visual tricks
*2-Hour 'Shine' Download
*Companion 'Shine' DVD

PLUS Jay's best-selling 'Wrap It Up' collection of chewing gum tricks as a FREE GIFT ($15 value!)

'Wrap It Up' comes complete with custom gimmicks and 30-minute tutorial.

To watch the 'Wrap It Up' preview CLICK HERE.

This magic pack is a total $40.00 value.

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Note: You'll be emailed the 2-hour download after your order leaves our shipping department. And even though 'Wrap It Up' will not be listed on your e-receipt, the product will definitely be included with your order.


The acclaimed 'SHINE' project features over 2 HOURS of super visual coin magic.

Jay personally hand-picked this killer collection with VARIETY in mind! And all of the amazing sleights and techniques are described in detail!

Includes inspired material for all skill levels!

Here are just SOME of the eye-popping coin tricks you'll learn...

RECURRENCY: A coin appears and REAPPEARS on, inside, and beneath an ordinary wallet resting on the table! Perfect for bars and clubs!

SLOW MOTION COINS: Jay's super lean, wonderfully structured 3 coins to 3 pockets handling!

CASH FLOW: Truly astounding 4 coin production. You won't believe your eyes.

UNIQUELY: A surreal transposition between a borrowed coin and the torn corner of a playing card!

NO WAY OUT: A 2-coin transpo with a BIG difference. Great commercial twist on a classic plot!

P.O.V CHANGE: Strong theatre meets a super visual coin change!

NO JACKET REQUIRED: One by one four coins vanish and appear in four different locations!

FIFTH QUARTER: Jay squeezes the very most out of the Pop-Up Move complete with a big surprise finish!

FOUR SEASONS: A series of one-coin changes, each more visual than the last! Perfect opening effect for walkaround work!

THROUGH THICK AND THIN: An especially clever 3-phase coin through the table handling!


"The best coin magic project on the market."-Ewen Shelby

"With 18 sleights and 20 tricks it's an INSANE value."
-Sid Goldstein

"Fifth Quarter is 100% pure impossibility."
-Gus Hawes

"Everybody knows Jay is an incredible teacher so I wasn't surprised when I learned many of the wonderful sleights in record time."
-Toby Ashe

"'Shine' raised my coin magic to the next level."
-Brad Heintz

"'Slow Motion Coins' has become one of my absolute favorites. The structure is brilliant."-
Niko Buyers

"No Jacket Required and Fifth Quarter are both on my A-list."
-Brian Fallow

"Nobody creates magic with coins like Jay, and Shine is a fantastic showcase for his visionary approach."
-Stanley Vertez

"Recurrency is like chop cup with coins. Beautifully organic and deceptive."
-Kent Bellanger

"After I perform Jay's 'No Way Out' transposition, people look at me like I'm supernatural. It's the kind of trick where there's really no possible explanation."
-Taylor Smyth

"Jay shares an incredible variety of tricks!"
-Gordon Banff

"I learned coins through the table when I was a kid, but with 'Through Thick and Thin' Jay put the trick on steroids."
-Ed Yost