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The 'unidentified flying objects' mysteriously vanish, appear, bend, travel and MORE.

Manufactured from feather light steel, the edges of each disk are so clean and sharp they almost palm themselves! (You can also use them with magnets for even more cool tricks.) 

And because they're also super reflective, they look awesome close-up, stand-up - even on stage.

Comes complete with a set of 6 of the specially-machined and polish metal disks and detailed 45-minute instructional video.

PLUS the WORLD'S BEST MATRIX! You'll also be able to perform the classic, insanely visual 'Matrix' trick, more easily than ever before. And on absolutely any surface, WITHOUT the risk of tell-tale sliding sounds!

Each disk can also be CLOSELY EXAMINED and your audiences will never discover the amazing secret.

SUPER PORTABLE! The disks are also designed to neatly STACK together, so they 'take up' a minimum of pocket space. 


ALIEN SIGHTING: A freely selected and SIGNED playing card impossibly appears under one of the disks!

MELTING POINT: Visually stab your own Sharpie marker through the middle of one of the disks and immediately hand it out unharmed!

LIGHT SPEED: The spectator's own initials mysteriously travel from one disk to another!

Available EXCLUSIVELY at SankeyMagic!

"UFOs is the best matrix EVER."-Doug Gershon

"I can't believe all the tricks Jay does with UFOs."-Akira Willams

"So cool. Love the visuals." @danthemagicguy

"I've been freaking people out with the traveling initials handling. Thanks for another killer trick!"-Gaston Drummond

"These feel so right in my hands. Awesome props."-Eddie Wilde

"The retention vanish is sick and looks so convincing."-Michael Westling