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'PORTAL' is the perfect way to boost the visual IMPACT of almost any coin trick.

But you can also use 'PORTAL' to perform insane tricks with borrowed finger rings, playing cards, dollar bills, sugar, magic markers, and almost any small object.

Includes TWO custom-made 'Portal' props manufactured from industrial-strength silicon + a wonderfully detailed 50-MINUTE training video!

The prop also adds a dramatic touch and provides the perfect motivation when it comes to 'pocket management' (secretly palming and ditching stuff in your pockets!)  

And best of all, the 'PORTAL' prop is 100% EXAMINABLE! 


"I love using it as an opening trick. I mention, 'I have a hole in my pocket.' And when I pull it out of my pocket it always gets a big laugh. Then I hand it out for people to examine, and a moment later when I slowly pull out a MARKER from inside the hole - people are shocked! 

I also combine 'PORTAL' with my popular trick 'PAPERCLIPPED' by causing the folded and clipped card to appear INSIDE the folds of the prop. And when I perform my trick 'HOLY MOLY,' and I make the hole on the washer vanish just by 'touching it' with the 'big black hole' it adds so much to the magic moment."

The magic possibilities with 'PORTAL' are truly endless!  

"It looks like science fiction!"-Greg Menna

"Wow. Portal looks amazing!"-Piet Didier

"I just ordered mine. Can't wait for it to arrive."-Shawn Daniels

"What a fantastic idea. This is so versatile!"-Shelly McDonald

"Portal gets screams. One of the most visual props I own."-Gary Talbot

"With Portal my magic is more visual than ever."-Keith Allison

"Portal isn't just a trick or a prop, it's a whole new WORLD of effects."-Paul Donelson

"I was able to do some killer tricks with Portal just a few minutes after I watched the tutorial."-Ed Bales

"With Portal, Jay went above and beyond. So many fantastic ideas and application!"-Leon Coldson

"Every time I produce the marker from the hole, people lose their minds."-Horst Saunter

"The tricks are so strong people want to examine the hole every single time."-Danny Gold

"A truly elegant and surreal prop."-Neil Frost

"Great quality props. They'll last for a long, long time."-Gary Hanson