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"Holy Moly is one of my go-to tricks. Love it! Can’t wait to receive the new set."-John Guastaferro

The NEW 'HOLY MOLY' comes complete with:

*NEW custom-machined metal washers that look even MORE like ordinary 'hardware store' washers you might find in a kitchen drawer! Unpolished and very PLAIN. (They also work wonderfully with magnets for secret hold-outs, ditches and more.)

*Great NEW gimmick!

*PLUS a 45-minute tutorial with exciting NEW handlings, ideas and presentations including:

*the original, mind-blowing 'Holy Moly' handling!
*several handlings with the cool NEW gimmick!
*the 'appearing holes' trick Jay always performs before 'Holy Moly!'
*shocking 2-phase 'Hole Hunt' card trick with one of the washers!
*inspired 'pocket management' idea with a nut + bolt!
*and MORE!

You'll LOVE performing 'HOLY MOLY' because:

*It's super EASY!
*Extremely VISUAL!
*Happens in the SPECTATOR'S HAND!
*Everything can be examined!

"Just receive a set of the 'rough and realistic' washers in the mail. Love 'em!"-Nick Charles

"I really like how rough and dull the washers look. Makes the illusion look 100% like real magic!"-Shawne Pepel

"This is a wonderful trick. It's visual, portable, and great for beginners. I LOVE this trick!!!"-Reggie Brown

"I never leave the house without Holy Moly!"-Dan Galloway

"Huge reactions every time."-Edwin Chow

"GREAT effect. The gimmicks are top-notch and will last a lifetime."-Robert Wells

"Holy Moly is pure genius!"-Kurt Preston

NOTE: Back in 2008, Jay released a trick called 'TIGHT SPOT' where he pushed his finger through a small hole in a KEY - but with 'HOLY MOLY' it looks so much better!