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Mysteriously cause two cut pieces of an American 50-cent coin to fuse together in your hand - OR EVEN IN THE SPECTATOR'S OWN HAND!!! 

The PERFECT 'opening trick!' Quick, extremely visual, plus many different handlings!

And the opening line of script about "half a coin trick" always grabs people's attention and instantly creates curiosity! 

Comes complete with the custom-machined gimmick + one regular US half dollar so you can start performing this shocking trick within MINUTES of opening the package!

* The props can be examined BEFORE and AFTER!

* Only BASIC sleight-of-hand required!

* Each 'Half A Coin Trick' is crafted by master machinist Roy Kueppers.

SPECIAL BONUS: On the exclusive 30-minute tutorial Jay also shares the secrets to several of his favorite 1-coin sleights including:

*Upside Down Retention Vanish
*French Drop 2.0
*Drop Zone Production
*Slide Vanish
*L'Homme Masque Production
*Thin Air Production
*The Gallo Pitch
*And more!

"The snap-in-half is sick! Looks like REAL magic!"-Greg Swanson

"About 15 minutes after I opened the package, I floored some friends with 'Half A Coin Trick.' Beautiful illusion!"-Ron Josel

"Jay's 'half a coin trick' patter line works like a charm every time."-Shawn Olivers

"I perform a ton of coin magic and 'Half A Coin Trick' is one of my absolute favorites."-Hans D'Franco

"Fantastic opening trick."-Todd Patterson

"Just ordered it. I love that I can fuse the two halves in the hand of the spectator. That's going to seriously mess with minds."-Steve Chan

"The bonus section of coin sleights is killer. Thanks for always going the extra mile."-Phil Harris