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With 'FRONT ROW SANKEY' you'll see Jay like you've NEVER seen him before!

Watch Jay perform a killer collection of 16 magic and tricks for honest-to-goodness laypeople - in a real-life setting!

Taped live and unrehearsed at Toronto's Mister Greenjean's Restaurant and Bar, this is an extremely rare opportunity to watch Jay "hit the tables" with his unique, off-the-wall, improvisational style.

If you're a serious student of the performance of magic, this DVD is an absolute MUST!

Witness breathtaking magic and mentalism with playing cards, coins, paper matches, autographs, geometric shapes, flash paper and rubber bands - and then LEARN as Jay teaches each of these closely-guarded "real world" pet routines.

FULL LOTUS: An inexplicable exchange of a folded joker and a signed card!

SHAKE & BAKE: The coin production that proves, "Hearing is believing!"

HYPNOTARIZED: Hypnotize a spectator with just a playing card.

SLOW MOTION COINS: A "coins across" effect as deliberate as it is deadly!

NOT THIS CARD: Jay's favorite handling of Frank Everhardt's "Chicago Opener!"

SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME: A heart-stopping, double-climax mentalist's dream!

REAL MAGIC: Freshly written words melt through a dollar bill!

OUT OF SIGHT: A deck production combined with a bizarre mental routine!

VITAL SIGNS: Paper matches travel in and out of the spectator's fist!

THE PHOENIX EFFECT: Fire + mentalism + a signed card = a reputation maker!

ONE OF ONE: A drawing and a playing card undergo a startling transformation!

CLOSE CONTACT: Two spectators, one card, and an astonishing occurrence!

DEVIANT BEHAVIOR: Four jokers escape from the pack in a most elegant fashion!

INSEPARABLE: At the end of this awesome linking rubber bands routine, the two bands are given away as souvenirs - STILL LINKED!

"To see Jay rock REAL people and then have him reveal the methods is like a dream come true."-Kevin Boffe

"A very rare project. The live performances are priceless. And the tricks are top notch."-Matt Reece

"Without a doubt my all-time favorite Jay Sankey DVD. I learned more than I can even begin to express."-Gary Holden

Run Time: 151 minutes