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Stop doing just 'card tricks,' and start doing REAL CARD MAGIC!

Learn the secrets to 28 astounding card tricks and 17 lethal sleights!

'REVOLUTIONARY CARD MAGIC' is a MONSTER project featuring OVER 3 HOURS of ground-breaking card magic.

This is card magic that is  VISUALLY-driven, wonderfully direct and absolutely inexplicable. Featuring powerful presentations and truly practical methods!

Here are just a few of the 28 shocking tricks you'll learn...

TRACKING DEVICE: A shirt button vanishes in a flash of fire and is found SEWN onto the signed card!

ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON: A selected card appears INSIDE a borrowed salt shaker! The perfect card trick for the next time you're in a restaurant.

FORT KNOX: The signed card is found inside a folded envelope, resting inside the card case! One of Jay's most performed versions of his classic 'Paperclipped' trick.

MISSING EVIDENCE: Without a doubt, one of the strongest torn and restored cards EVER! An absolute show-stopper.

CHAIN GANG: A selected card escapes from an envelope, even though the envelope is sealed with a SMALL LOCK!

PAPER CUT: Jay has ended many of his performances with this "torn and restored transpo" for many years.

BLAZE OF GLORY: The signed card appears in a BALL OF FIRE!

IN CAPTIVITY: Two cards change places, despite the fact that one of the cards is WRAPPED IN TAPE!

CARDIVORES: Jay's innovative (and insanely CLEAN!) version of Roy Walton's 'Cannibal Cards.

This is a self-contained project, and all the jaw-dropped sleights are explained in complete detail!

You'll learn the "real work" and nitty gritty details of: The Hypocrite Force, Slap Vanish, Burst Production, AFTUS, Mercury Card Fold, One Hand Top Palm, Twirl Change, Tenkai Card Palm, Ha/Pa Force, Tilt, Starfish Change, Wichita Slip, Double Erdnase Change, Shanghai Change and so much more!

ADDED BONUS: Jay teaches his handling of the 'CLASSIC PASS' in greater detail than ever before. The timing, tell-tale signs, the all-important natural covers - all of it!

"There are so many fantastic card tricks on 'Revolutionary Card Magic.' I can't wait to start performing them!"-Henry Dawes

"'Revolutionary Card Magic' is my all-time favorite card magic project."-Markus Klaus

"The sleights are astonishing, and Jay is hilarious."-Peter Faulough

"Jay's 'Revolutionary Card Magic' project is more proof that he's the most creative magician in the world."-Doug Chang