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Renovate the reality of your audience - with JUST ONE CARD!

"Reconstruction blew me away. The ending is a moment of REAL MAGIC. This is Sankey at his absolute best."-Richard Sanders

"Reconstruction elevates one of the simplest effects in card magic to showpiece status."-David Acer

*Extremely easy and SUPER magical!

*Includes 100 specially printed, die-cut gimmicks for all four suits + detailed video tutorial.

*Change Threes into Twos!

*Change Fives into Fours!

*Change Sevens into Sixes!

*Change Eights into Sevens!

"Yes it's crazy simple, but that's actually what makes it so AMAZING."-Mike Johnson

"I got a chance to experience Jay's performance of  'Reconstruction' just like a real spectator at one of his fantastic lectures and it was a thing of beauty."-Carl Tandi

"After seeing Jay's handlings and playing with the gimmicks, I fell in love!"-Mike Skutt

"Like everybody is saying, Reconstruction is very commercial, easy and practical. But it's also a lot of FUN."-Blake Frantz