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Learn the secrets to transforming ANY card case into a freakin' MAGIC MACHINE!

In LESS THAN 5 MINUTES you can add a whole new world of magic possibilities to your performances - including startling effects with BORROWED finger rings, coins, folded playing cards, and more.

Best of all, even after you add the gimmicks to your own card case, it will still function as a completely ordinary card case.

Comes complete with the very cool gimmicks + a detailed 15-MINUTE instructional video.

"I've been using the same 'prepared' case for over a year. Works like a gem every time."-Dave Brunton

"Jay squeezes an amazing amount of magic out of this. The two ring transposition trick is priceless. Highly recommended."-Corey Oliver

"This gimmick and the brilliant ideas are worth MUCH more than Jay charges. Insane value."-Brad McDonald