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After amazing audiences with this very special trick for more than 15 years, Jay is proud to announce the world-wide launch of 'Echoes.'

*It's SUPER easy to do!
*You never miss!
*There's no switch of any cards!
*The spectator really DOES has 100% free choice!

And thanks to the incredible secret method, no matter which cards the spectator chooses - you INSTANTLY know the identity of their cards.

Plus - the impossible effect is so clear and direct, it always sparks HUGE reactions.

'Echoes' comes complete with the mind-bending gimmicks and 30-MINUTE tutorial video, featuring an exciting variety of handlings and presentations.


"Echoes is my all-time favorite trick."-Christopher Galen

"I am so impressed with this product. So easy to do and Jay shares a ton of 'added value' on the tutorial."-Rex Doughton

"Echoes is a total fooler."-Craig Hennessey

"I performed Echoes 3 times this week, and every time people lost their minds. This is real magic."-Shawn Wesley

"I assumed there was some kind of switch involved. But when I found out there isn't, my mind went BOOM."-Stephen Welts

"This is going to absolutely kill in the bars."
-Randy Isles