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In all of magic - there's no other trick quite like 'CUTTING EDGE.'

That's because it's a cut and restored card trick where your audience actually SEES you cut their signature in half!


*Resets in seconds
*Involves NO duplicates
*Can be performed with ANY card in the pack
*Features an eye-popping 'instant restoration'

PLUS the extremely cool gimmick can also be adapted to ANY brand of cards!

And at the end of the trick the signed card is still in perfect condition - and ready for MORE MAGIC!

'Cutting Edge' is also beautifully easy to perform and comes complete with the innovative gimmick, 30-minute tutorial and the world's most portable cutting knife.

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"This looks awesome."-Richard Sanders

"WHAT? This is fantastic Jay."-Music and Coffee

"One of the best card tricks out there."-Kyle Grammond

"Jay performed Cutting Edge during his lecture for our magic club and when he shared the secret gimmick it blew everyone away."-Simon Trent

"I just ordered it. Cutting Edge looks crazy good!"-Franklin Best

"The fact that the signed card is left in perfect condition made Cutting Edge a 'must have' for me."-Joseph Chin

"WOW. There are so many things I love about this version of the classic torn card!!!"-Hari Agarwal